Remodel Week: Havencrest Remodel

Havencrest Remodel | December 1, 2020

Install day is the most exciting, craziest part of a project and we’re featuring it in our latest video, while we highlight the process of a remodel! We worked with Proworx Construction on the Havencrest Remodel and they were so great to work with. We started this project six months ago and there have been ups and downs especially with COVID but we managed to pull it all together!

Click here to see a video about the remodel!

The home is from the 90’s with plenty of brown on brown, basic, and with an interesting challenge. Remodel are a fun challenge because you can reimagine spaces, take down walls, and experiment to expand the space. 

One of the biggest challenges with this remodel was that we weren’t doing any remodeling on the exterior, so we could only use preexisting windows and the space felt a little dark. We incorporated canned lighting and mirrors to make sure plenty of light could come in. The entry way was really dark so we decided to do a front door and office doors that let in lots of light, so natural light from all the spaces would put into the entryway.

The living room started as very long and thin, so to create comfort we added large built-ins on the open wall, created details with beams in the vault. To soften the space and tie in with the built-ins we used curtains.

We kept the original fireplace— the brick was a charming color so we just redid the mantel and finished it to match the floors. 

We need to talk about the layout of the master suite! The clients wanted a large master bathroom so we knocked out a closet door and combined it with the current bathroom, close off a wall for the office, and expand the open area. There’s now room for the free standing tub, a vanity, a large shower and plenty of closet space. 

One of the things thats tricky when you want a cozy cottage vibe is making sure the space feels warm. We did pale oak on all the door, used wainscoting, and trimming.

We brought in cozy textures in the bedroom with layered throws and bedding, a textured light, velvet chairs and neutral patterns.

It’s easy to stress when working with remodels because they don’t know how to work with the lighting. Our job as designers is to guide you through the process to ensure you get the most out of your home! We’d love to work with you on yours, you can find info about working with us here!

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