Our Guide to Rugs + FAQ:

Our Work | January 21, 2021

Rugs, rugs, rugs. They’re a must-have in the home, even though you don’t need one in every space. They’re essential for creating warmth, and bringing in some color, pattern, and setting the tone. A good rug selection has the power to bring the whole room together. But how do you pick the right rug? Sharing our tips, and illustrated guide, and some frequently asked questions!

First of all, go bigger than you think. Most of the time people are buying rugs that are too small (probably because smaller rugs are cheaper) but you are doing your space a big disservice if you are skimping on the rug.  Buy the biggest rug you can get away with for your space without the rug running into walls. 

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– Generally, a living room is an 8 x10 or 9×12 and for bigger spaces go up to 11 x14. It’s rare a room would need a 5 x 8 or 6×9.
– We love layering rugs. Often we’ll find a beautiful vintage rug that’s just a hair too small or a rug we fall in love with but it doesn’t come in a size big enough we’ll layer a larger jute rug underneath it.  Honestly most of the time we aren’t even doing this out of necessity but because we just love the look! Layered rugs make space feel very thought through and it’s not something you’re neighbors are thinking of so it takes your room up a notch and makes it feel special.

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– In dining rooms, we encourage you to do without a rug altogether if you can.  We used to do rugs under tables all day long but right now we are loving a beautiful floor meets table moment and we aren’t in any hurry to cover up a pretty wood floor.  A dining rug often gets haggard-looking really fast so it can just be a pain. If you really want a rug it does help to define a space and we recommend you get one big enough to extend a couple of feet from the back of your dining chair.

– In the bedroom, we typically will do a rug that lays under the majority of the bed but not underneath the nightstands. It should stick out beyond the foot of the bed as much as possible.

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