Krason Basement Family Room Reveal

Our Work | May 18, 2021

In the original floorplan of the Krason home it was designed to have a small rec room. Kirsten chose to knock down one of the dividing walls to open up the basement into two rec rooms. One room would be used for a kitchenette and ping pong table and the other would be used for a t.v. room. As designers we don’t like to design a room around a t.v. but we broke that rule for this space. The room is used solely for getting comfy after a long day to watch a movie, a sporting event or for an epic netflix binge.

The key to designing a room with a large t.v. is to make sure you have other places for your eye to land besides the big black box on the wall. We did a vertical shiplap wall treatment on all four walls to draw the eye around the room. The shiplap of choice is the Metrie 5 1/4 ” Option Modern Farmhouse Shiplap that was layered with the Metrie MFP8234 Baseboard. We added color and interest to the wall with our hillside print. There are often no grand views in a basement so a couple of beautiful landscapes can give the illusion of sweeping vistas on the horizon.

The shiplap is painted in Benjamin Moore Pale Oak which compliments the white walls in Sherwin Williams Snowbound. The whole room is framed out in a rough sawn Douglas Fir that is painted in a watered down Sherwin Williams Nearly Brown. The wood helps to divide the two rec rooms. It also adds a some rustic and warmth to invite the English cottage feel we were going for.

The real star of the room is the Six Penny Gabriel Corner Sectional in Ink Cap. Kirsten wanted a sofa that looked and felt like you could just fall into it and not leave for hours. The Ink Cap fabric is a no-stress fabric because it hides so much. The light weight linen isn’t too fussy and has the relaxed feel this room needed. The cushions are all down fill for maximum comfort.

Lighting plays a big part in this space. We chose to do only can lights on the ceiling so we needed to bring in intentional accent lighting. We set the stage in this room with the Hudson Valle Dixon Sconces in Bronze. We are loving a pleated shade moment right now! These sconces were perfect to sit right above the shiplap. We needed something that didn’t extend too far off the wall or too low past the wall treatment. Speaking of beautiful lighting we are obsessed with the Curves floorplamp from Hudson Valley. The curved base is wrapped in rattan giving us subtle texture. We also love how it’s adjustable so we can keep it high or move it down lower if we want to curl up with a book or magazine.

Adjacent to this room we had a large blank wall that you saw as soon as you came downstairs. Due to the fact that we already had a wall treatment in the t.v. room we didn’t want to do another shiplap wall so we chose to bring in natural stone. The texture and dimension that the stone adds is PERFECT! As an added bonus the stone protects the wall from mis-aimed darts.

We can’t wait to reveal more of this basement to you over the next few weeks! It’s been a true labor of love and we appreciate all the support!

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