Our Guide to Styling Throw Blankets

Our Work | August 26, 2021

Do you ever find yourself playing a guessing game when styling throw blankets in your home? If so, you’re in the right spot.

As designers, we use throw blankets in every single project. Not only are they a great decorative tool they are also functional when you need a cozy item to cuddle up with. They are an underrated designer secret and we are here to show you how to use them in your home!

No. 1: Folded and Layered With Pillows

Fold your throw neatly and drape it over your sofa. Feel free to layer here by placing your decorative pillows over your throw too. When doing this be aware of the scale and coloring of your throw pattern so as not to compete with your pillows.

No. 2: Draped Over a Chair

Second, add a little interest to an occasional chair by draping a neatly folded throw over it. An occasional chair can always do with a little layered softness, especially if the chair has a wood frame.

No. 3: Folded Over the Arm of Your Sofa

Third, drape a folded throw over the arm of your sofa. You might be surprised at how much warmth, interest, and color it will add to your sofa. The addition of a throw on the arm of a sofa also helps protect your sofa arm from little fingerprints.

No 4: Draped in an Oversized Basket

A basket is a perfect place for a throw! Try draping it in an oversized basket. A throw blanket in a basket is both functional and pretty. If your home is in need of a basket, be sure to check out our basket collection in our shop! 

No. 5: Draped Over a Sofa

For our fifth tip, skip the folding. Simply drape your throw over a sofa to create an effortless and organic look in your living room. 

No. 6: Folded on sofa back

Lastly, the sixth way to style your throw is to fold it over the back of your sofa. Consider folding it lengthwise before throwing it over so it lays horizontally.

If you are still here and not already styling throws around your home, thank you for reading along. We hope it sparked your inner designer and gave you some ideas for your own home. If you are looking to add another throw to your home, be sure to check out our favorite throws in our shop.