Halloween Favorites from Kirsten and Erin

Our Work | October 11, 2021

Here at House of Jade, we love Halloween and decorating our homes for the holiday. We try to make the style of our decorations seamless with the style of our homes. We also avoid making our homes too dark or scary since we both have younger kids at home. Rather, we love to make it more whimsical while bringing in the hues of fall, especially oranges and those rusty terracotta tones! When adding in Halloween decorations, we keep most of our evergreen house decor up while switching out only a handful of items.

Things that we usually switch out are artwork, pillows, and throws. The other items we bring in, usually have moodier vibes so they bring in the subtle vibe of Halloween! Our favorite decor items? We would for sure have to say are skeletons, bats, spiders, and of course, pumpkins. See below for a list of our favorite Halloween decor items!

Our favorite skeletons!

  1. Articulated Skeleton by Hester and Nook
  2. 5 foot Skeleton (Great for porch decor!)
  3. Color Changing Skull Halloween Decorative Prop 
  4. Skeleton Bones

Spooky Buckets!

  1. Moon Candy Bucket
  2. Halloween Magic Moon Bucket
  3. Halloween Magic Man Bucket
  4. Skull Bucket

Creep Critters

  1. Spooky Rats
  2. Hanging Bat Garland
  3. Bat Wall Decals
  4. Black Crows

Moody Art

  1. Halloween Print
  2. Ghost Print
  3. Vintage Coven of Witches Photograph

Moody Textiles and Texutres

  1. Carmen Pillow
  2. Tabel Runner
  3. Rattan Pedestal Bowl
  4. Lela Pedestal Bowl
  5. Black Witch’s Broom
  6. Wood Pedestal
  7. Chelsea Cloches