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Favorite Products | July 13, 2022

Save and shop all your House of Jade favorites with LTK!

Ever see the perfect summer shoes on Instagram that you’re dying to have? You leave a comment asking where to get it, but you never get a reply? Maybe you even go on a Pinterest hunt, but it doesn’t turn up any of the right options. Say hello to Like to Know It or LTK. It’s a free app that lets you follow all your favorite influencers and creators, just like on Instagram, but with LTK, every post includes what you really need: a link to the products. Now you can “<3” the things you see and love (like home decor or that perfect pair of summer shoes!) and buy them for yourself too.

If you see House of Jade items you know would be beautiful in your space, you can check out our very own House of Jade Home Like to Know It shopping page! If you like our Instagram, you will love this. Our LTK posts include products available exclusively at House of Jade Interiors as well as a myriad of other carefully curated items we love. We can’t wait to share our favorite things with you and help bring a little more sparkle to your day. Check out our latest posts below!

We want to share the best of everything we find and help inspire you to live a more beautiful, intentional, and harmonious life. Follow us here. See you on LTK!