Organizing Your Home for Back to School

Design Tips | September 6, 2022

With summer coming to a close, it’s time for kids to go back to school. Here are four areas where you can streamline your home’s organization and make busy school days a bit less overwhelming.

The Entryway

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Having a functional space with lots of storage allows everyone to easily come and go. A tray on your entryway console can work as a great catch-all for school papers and car keys. Mirrors, artwork, or a large vase add visual height, while smaller decorative accessories can add texture and dimension.

The Mudroom

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It can get pretty messy when the kids come home from school, so designate a space for each of their backpacks and shoes to make cleaning up a little easier. Hooks add vertical interest and are great for hanging items, while baskets are useful for storing shoes or sports gear. Keep floors clean and tidy with a cute doormat or rug.

The Kitchen

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Every parent knows just how essential those afterschool snacks are to hungry kids! Set up a spot in the kitchen to store all of their favorite snacks, and place food items in jars or bins for easy access.

The Study

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Having one focused area of the home set up for study can help kids concentrate and get in the right mindset for any school work they need to finish. Make the room complete with a comfy chair, desk, and storage space for school supplies. Display a calendar and hang up some cork boards or dry-erase boards to easily communicate the family schedule.

Adjusting to a new back-to-school schedule is a change for everyone, and these small ways to bring order can make a more peaceful transition for everyone in the home.