Earthy Hillside Remodel: the Living Room and Primary Suite

Our Work | April 25, 2024

Continuing our journey through the Earthy Hillside Project in collaboration with Magleby Construction, we now shift our focus to the living room and primary suite.

In the living room, our clients envisioned a space defined by clean, modern lines harmoniously intertwined with organic elements. The star of the living room is undoubtedly the fireplace, adorned with the exquisite Jade Stone blend from Stoneworld, elegantly juxtaposed with a gray grout.

Complementing the fireplace, the oak built-ins exude a sense of warmth and richness, infusing the room with a cozy ambiance that beckons relaxation and comfort.

Our Spencer Coffee Table in worn black is a great anchoring piece to the space. We layered it with some of our favorite House of Jade Home pieces including our Hanging Bells, Leaf Votives, Seagrass Tray and Striped Stone Pot. On the side table we added a grouping of our Little Things Book Box and Soapstone Heart Object.

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The beautiful stone fireplace was flanked with two arched built ins and done in white oak. We accessorized them with some of our favorites including our Marble Bowl, Antique Brass Bells, Striped Bone Frame and Rattan Display Boxes. We used our After Rain Art in a 16×20 traditional gold frame to fill up the top shelves.

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When accessorizing shelves we love to play with finishes. On these shelves we did our Louie Boxes in a beautiful brass that pairs well with our Mushrooms in aluminum.

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When the space is available we love to bring in a sofa table to divide the living room from a kitchen or dining space. Our Monjar Console Table has an interesting herringbone pattern that draws the eye into the space. We topped it with our Scalloped Terracotta Pot and Beige Marble Tray.

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For the powder bath, our client craved a space that made a bold statement. We enveloped the room in Sherwin Williams’ captivating hue, Big Dipper, casting a moody allure. Our vanity with integrated sink and built-in shelving merges practicality with elegance.

In the space we introduced some of our premium bathroom essentials: White Tea Bath Salts, Coastal Juniper Room Spray and Brass Frog Vase on our Light Wood Pedestal. To keep the accessorizing functional and beautiful we placed our Saguaro Cactus Soap and lotion next to the sink.

In the primary suite we freshened and elevated the room by updating the carpet, adding in a statement chandelier and picture molding painted in SW Greek Villa. The upper arched window also was replaced with a new unit cleaning up the lines in the room. We accentuated the windows with new custom window treatments.

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We centered our Echo Bed and anchored it with our Frankfurt Gray Rug. We love putting some seating into a primary bedroom when possible. In this room we were able to get two of our Janelle Swivel Chairs with our Bridger Side Table.

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The Rodger Table Lamp has such a great oxidized finish. The unique coloring makes this nightstand moment feel so special. To accessorize this nightstand we used the Brass Horn Frame and Ribbed Wood Frame. For anyone who doesn’t have a green thumb our Faux Maidenhair Fern is the perfect to add a bit of life and greenery to any vignette.

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On the dresser we accessorized with the Odin Jug and used it as a vase for fresh flowers. The Clarkson Table Lamp adds some nice depth with it’s ceramic gray finish. The texture of the Rattan Display Boxes is perfect for this dresser and also gives our client storage for smaller items.

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The primary bath underwent a remarkable transformation, thanks to strategic expansions both upstairs and downstairs. The result is a stunning sanctuary that epitomizes relaxation and refined luxury.

Responding to the client’s desire for a serene and earthy atmosphere, we curated a palette of natural stone floors, artisanal handmade tiles, and unlaquered brass fixtures. Each element contributes to an elevated yet tranquil ambiance, creating a space that exudes both sophistication and comfort.

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