My Favorite Spot: Marta

Our Work | April 25, 2010

If you have never read Marta’s blog then you are missing out. She is an amazing writer and most of her posts put a smile on my face or bring a tear to my eye. She is honest and funny.  I knew I could count on her to give me a lovely description of her favorite room and I was right! 
i love our little home for a dozen reasons. a big reason is because it is the home wherein we welcomed our first baby. it’s here we became a family of three. when kirsten asked what my favorite spot in my home is, i thought of our son’s nursery. now he is halfway to two and his room is now filled with crates of trucks and blocks. the shelves that once held folded newborn onesies and little layette sets are currently housing toddler tees and plaid shorts. we build the train tracks into a circle around him and he loves to sit cross legged in the middle. at any given time you might step on a tiny choo choo train or find board books scattered about the floor. what a change from the small unknown beginnings of a first baby.

i enjoy this corner of the house because it is decorated with love. it is not perfect by any means but everything in it has meaning to me. these images were taken a few days before benjamin was born. (the stuffed animals have been well loved and are no longer perfectly propped!) at the time i was nine months, big and round. i would go in there and sit awhile, feeling him kick. i wondered what it would be like to become a mom. i wondered how life would change after he arrived. i could hardly wait to meet him, even setting out outfits with anticipation. after moving to our new home in idaho we had little to spend on new decorations for the baby room. i tried to make the most of it and decided to utilize favorite hand-me-downs. the antique yellow chair was inherited from my grandma, the handpainted cradle (now holding baby quilts) was the same one i slept in as a baby, the bedding and mobile came from my sisters, the furniture is from my sister-in-law and the van gogh print, First Steps, has been a favorite of mine forever. the blue and white striped totes on his changing table (and under his crib) hold diapers, blankets, jammies and clothes. they may have been my best baby purchase yet, i’ll find tons of uses for them throughout his life. a darling friend created the hanging pennant bunting that incorporated a circus of happy colors in vintage materials to assist in pulling the nursery together. i love that the pennant feels like a little party. however–after benji was born–i learned a valuable lesson. what i didn’t realize back then was that the fancy furniture, hip wallpaper and newest crib bedding doesn’t really matter. it’s not about what is in your home, it’s about who is in your home. when i focus on the many blessings we have, i am not so worried about the latest and greatest in trendy decorations. the home is where the heart is and all the people that i love helped add to his nursery.

it is still a favorite spot to watch the sun go down between the slats, to play with toys together, to tickle and get jammies on, to read with a pal on my lap who loves to turn pages, to sing lullabies and give sloppy kisses, and to tuck in my growing little boy.
Thanks so much to Marta for so sweetly describing her favorite spot.  To read more of her great posts and see her graphic design skills check out her blog