Alternatives to My Office Curtains

Our Work | May 10, 2012

I probably get an email once a week from someone wanting to know where they can buy the fabric I used in my office curtains. Unfortunately I got the fabric at a remnant store and it wasn’t labeled with any kind of designer name or title so it’s a mystery to me. I have loved these curtains and I feel bad I can’t help people use them in their own home. 
So I’ve put together some other options for you of similar looking fabrics. I tried to find options that have the same colors and feel. Hopefully these would make good substitutes for those of you who love my office curtains as much as I do! 
Portobello Vase Blossom $28.95 a yard. 
Evalena Fabric $6.99 a yard
Maneka Cherry Blossom $19.98 a yard
Sea Breeze in Blue Sky $24.98 a yard 
Kravet Idelle $52.50 a yard
Caviar Garden Stout $31.25 a yard
Love Bliss Bouquet $8.98 a yard
Imperial Garden Pearl $25.49 a yard
Shambord $27.19 a yard
April in Paris $7.63 a yard
If any of you know of any other great options post the links in my comment section!