Last Week's Links

Our Work | February 4, 2013

Big changes are happening on this blog! 
For the past three years I have started almost every Monday off with an Etsy Roudup. I have LOVED doing them. It’s so fun to have an excuse to peruse Etsy and learn about new shops and sellers.
While I love doing Etsy Roundups I discovered that I have a very low percentage of readers that actually love them as much as I do. My last reader survey revealed that only 33% of people enjoy reading Etsy Roundups. I know a lot of you still like them but I decided to try alternating my Mondays between my roundups and a new thing called Last Week’s Links. I love reading bloggers lists of things they are loving, great blog posts they have read, fabulous products they have discovered etc so I’ll be trying it out on my own blog! Please enjoy my favorite links from last week!  
1 | This tutorial on how to make DIY Felt Ball Garlands is genius! 
2 | I was able to contribute an idea to beat the winter blues at the newest issue of House of Fifty. Check it out! 
3 | I learned a lot from this article on 5 Pinterest tools and What They Do
4 | I rounded up my favorite valentine’s gifts for kids in the newest issue of to & from
5 | I am loving Emily A. Clarks’ new foyer light
6 | So impressed with this DIY Large Painting by Maggie Rose. I want to try making one myself! 
7 | Amazing DIY hardware made from plumbing parts. 
8 | I am really excited to try these healthy Peanut Butter Banana Oat Breakfast Cookies
9 | Totally swooning over these baby leggings from Candy Kirby Designs. I have got to get my hands on a pair! 
10 | I will totally be buying a set of these “Happy Mail” stickers. 
11 | Loving these beautiful customizable instagram books
12 | I must find a way to make this shirt mine. 
What do you guys think? Do you like this new idea or should I stick with Etsy Roundups each Monday? I’d love your feedback!