My New Favorite Blue Paint Color

Our Work | June 5, 2013

This post sponsored by Devine Color.

I wanted to share with all of you the blue paint color we used on our basement wall. I had been looking for a very light and subtle blue that mimicked the sky for our cloud wall. So I was excited when I was approached by a new paint company, to me, Devine Color. They offered to let me try one of their new paints.

Devine Color sent me a set of their Discovery Cards. Unlike the usual paint swatches these cards give you a viewing window that help you really visual how the color will look on your wall compared to other colors. 

I was drawn to devine blue right away. 
It’s light but not too baby blue or pastel. This paint is the perfect backdrop to my cloud corkboards
The paint was extremely easy to use. I only needed one coat which saved me so much time! 
Make sure you check out the variety of beautiful colors from Devine Color

photography by Lindsey Orton