Dream Bathroom Planning

Bathroom | February 4, 2015

I wanted to share a little update on one of my favorite projects that we’ve been working on with House of Jade Interiors. (@houseofjadeinteriors)


One of our awesome clients to help us remodel her bathroom. When she moved into her house she was starting at A LOT of brown and beige.
She wanted something that was a lot lighter, whiter and brighter with just a hint of traditional.  These are some of the bathrooms we showed her for inspiration.
image via UVPH
Our bathroom had a nook just like this one where we decided to do a freestanding tub. We also considered tiling the back wall like this picture.
We also knew we wanted marble but we had to figure out where to use the marble mixed in with other tiles.  We also wanted some hexagon and subway tile.
This bathroom was our main inspiration.  We love how there is a mix of many tiles.
image via Giesen Design 
We decided to rip out the cabinets above the sink and do wainscoting on the walls similar to the above picture.
We also wanted to do scones on the side instead of any overhead lighting. The bathroom is just about finished and so so pretty! We can’t wait to share pictures!
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