Relax and Unwind With Our New Bath Collection

Bathroom | June 9, 2022

Bathrooms tend to be an overlooked space in a home, but our bath collection was designed to change that! Make your bathroom a small haven to escape to after a long day.

We know that homes can get chaotic, especially when filled with the ones we love. With a bit of intention and the addition of hand-selected products from our new bath collection, you can create a welcoming oasis in your own bathroom; a dedicated space for you to unwind, retreat, and relax.

Set the Tone

Creating the right atmosphere can help you rejuvenate at home. Make your bathroom spaces more inviting with our Wells Turkish Hand Towel and our gorgeous vintage-style, Brass Vanity Mirror. Our White Tea Hand Soap and Lotion, enriched with linseed, sesame, jojoba oils and cotton seed extract, will keep your hands soft and supple. Add a fresh floral bouquet to our Cane Wrapped Vase to turn a quiet corner into a charming vignette.

Relax in the Bath

After you’ve added the visual elements, you can turn your focus to the spa experience. Nothing says rest and relaxation like enjoying spa luxuries from the comfort of your own bathtub. Take a therapeutic and relaxing soak with our Lemongrass & Eucalyptus Dead Sea Bath Salts, which will draw out toxins while softening your skin. The refreshing, clean aroma only adds to the experience. Burn one of our calming candles to add some ambient light and apothecary elements to your bath. You can also include a long-handled bath brush with soft bristles to scrub those hard-to-reach places while being gentle on the skin. Don’t forget some sips and snacks to top off the experience!

Wrap Up & Stay Cozy

After a bath, let your feet land on our delightfully soft bath mat and wrap yourself in a luxe towel. Featuring soft cotton and a woven texture, our Webster Towel adds a level of elevation and comfort to an everyday necessity. Hang your towels up to dry on our chic and charming Brass Goose Hook so they will be ready for your next spa day!