Our Showroom Visit with Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery

Bathroom | March 6, 2018

One of the most fun but also most stressful parts of designing a bathroom is choosing each element and making sure it all works together.  You can fall in love with one aspect of the design but then it’s important to make sure that piece works seamlessly with everything else you choose. Not only does it have to look good but you need to make sure everything fits into a space proportionally and will work functionally.  It’s easy to fall in love with things online but as much as possible we like to see things in person. When working on our powder bath makeover we scheduled a visit with our local Ferguson Bath, Kitchen and Lighting Gallery  Showroom.

In the showroom we were able to really see the size and scale of everything in person.  We loved walking around and looking at all of the different options as well.  We were pretty set on the Oak Hill console but it was fun to look at other sinks and faucets.  A showroom visit is also a great way to see the latest and greatest products from all the different brands.

As designers we usually have a plan coming into our showroom visits. As we meet with the showroom reps and look at products in person sometimes our thoughts shift and we go in a different direction. This is one of the greatest benefits to visiting a showroom is being able to really finalize your decisions. This was the design board we brought to the meeting.

As a designer or a client who is looking for kitchen and and bath design help a showroom can be such an asset. Talking with the reps and seeing things in person really helped us finalize our decisions. Our rep was so good at explaining each piece and helping make suggestions.  Originally we were going to do the round bowel because we were worried about the tight space in the bathroom.  Our rep talked us into the elongated toilet and we are so glad! The seat is much comfier!

All along we had been struggling with brass or nickel for the Oak Hill console.  They had the brass in the showroom and it’s beautiful!

While we loved the brass we felt like it might be a little more bold than we wanted with the blue tile. If we had done a white subway the brass would have been amazing! Seeing how pretty the brass was in person really did make us think twice. Ultimately we decided the nickel would be better suited with our tile selection.  We love how it turned out and we are so grateful to the staff at Ferguson Bath, Kitchen and Lighting Gallery  for making it all happen!

photo by Lindsay Salazar Photography