DIY Shower Curtain Art

DIY | September 10, 2015

DIY Shower Curtain Art3

One of the most common questions we get asked is in regards to our DIY Octopus Art made with (of all things) a shower curtain. We are so flattered you all love it because we love it too! We have even recreated it a few more times in client’s homes and have loved the results!

Octopus Art

Original Revealpool-table (1)

Original Reveal

So because we get asked so much, we have created an easy Step-By-Step Guide so you can create this in your home. You will be surprised with how easy (and inexpensive) it is!


1 Shower Curtain

2 Strips 1″ x 2″ Lumber Cut to 67 Inches

4 Strips of 1″ x 2″ Lumber Cut to 65 Inches

Electric Drill with 1 1/2″ Screw

Staple Gun

Buy Supplies: You’ll want to buy a shower curtain you love! Once you have your curtain and know the size, standard is 72″x72″, go to your local hardware store and buy your pieces of wood in the lumber section (we went to Home Depot). Hardware stores will cut it down for free. The lumber we bought cost us just under $7. It’s important to get straight pieces as we are creating a canvas effect.

NOTE: You can cut your pieces of wood smaller than what we suggest in the supplies to fit the space on your wall, just as long as it doesn’t cut off the image from your shower curtain. We actually cut down the pieces on this tutorial to fit the space to 59″ and 57″ respectively. You will just have extra fabric on the back.

Iron Shower Curtain: Even though you will pull it tight we like to make sure all the creases are out by ironing it before we start stapling it onto the frame.

We ordered this shower curtain from Urban Outfitters.

Whale Shower Curtain

Lay Out Wood & Supplies: Lay the two longer 67″ pieces vertical and the 4 shorter 65″ pieces horizontal like a ladder. The pieces in the middle are just there for extra support.

Layout Wood Pieces

Piece Frame Together: Take two pieces of wood for the frame and lay them on their 1″ side. Using the drill, fasten one of the corners at a 90 degree angle. Make sure it is a perfect 90 degrees.


Then secure it even more with a couple staples from the staple gun to give it more support.

After you have secured the first corner of the frame move to the next 3 corners and repeat the same steps. By now you will have created a sort of box from the wood.

Move to the two support pieces in the middle. Space them proportionally in the middle of the frame and fasten them with the drill to the sides. This is just to create more support and stability. Now you have your frame!


Place Shower Curtain On Frame: Center the shower curtain on the frame and place it on top. This is your last chance to move the curtain around before you place it so make sure you are happy with the placement. Secure the placement of the shower curtain with a staple at the top of the frame. This is so it doesn’t move off center.

Flip the frame and curtain so the shower curtain is laying face down on the floor. Smooth the shower curtain and pull tight so all creases are out underneath the frame.


Secure Shower Curtain on Frame: Using the staple gun secure the shower curtain to the frame. Depending on the amount of fabric you have either secure it inside the frame (as shown) or on the 1″ side of the back of the frame. The key is to make sure it is pulled tight and smooth as you go. Continue along the side until it is secure.


IMG_7998 Once the one side is secured to the frame, move to the next side of the frame. You will want to start with folding the corners. When folding the fabric try to create a tight fold so there is no bunching. See below.IMG_8001

Continue securing the shower curtain to the rest of the frame, repeating the same steps for each side. You are finished! All you need to do is hang it in your space!



We have rounded up our favorite shower curtains for this easy DIY so you can try at home!

DIY Octopus Art Round Up

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