Selecting Wallpaper: 5 Things To Remember

DIY | November 11, 2015

We receive countless questions from clients and readers revolving around wallpaper. Like many of you, we are loving the wallpaper trend right now! It can add so much to a room and really makes a statement. But wallpaper can be an investment and long-term commitment so we understand why it can be hard to select one for you home. We don’t want it to be such a stressful thing to choose because we love how the finished product looks.


So because of that, we have the 5 main things you should remember when choosing a wallpaper:


Just like in any paint color we suggest to test it out in your space before committing. Hang a sample on the wall and live with it for a week or so to see how it works in the space. Questions you may want to ask yourself: “Are you in love with the pattern? Does it compliment the other colors in the room?”


Not all wallpapers are created equal, especially when it comes to durability. Even if it is the highest quality, some fibers just won’t hold up to high wear and tear. For example, you wouldn’t put a fragile wallpaper in a children’s room, hallway or bathroom, but it could work perfectly in an office or master bedroom. Make sure you’re choosing the right kind of paper for the right space.



Just like in choosing paint, color is huge when it comes to selecting the right wallpaper for you. Know your likes and dislikes. Understand how much light the room receives throughout the day. Take in consideration the other colors already in the room and how the wallpaper compliments (or doesn’t compliment) them. And most importantly keep in mind the “feel” you are going for. Do you want a calm space or a fun and vibrant room?


This is the probably the most daunting part of choosing a wallpaper. Knowing the scale that will work best in your space will really help you narrow down options and pick the best one! Large patterns usually work best in spaces that don’t have much going on to compete with it. A powder room or laundry room are usually perfect spaces for bold patterns. Smaller scaled wallpaper is good used as an accent for the room, not overwhelming but adds some detail and dimension. It also allows you to fill a large wall space. If you are nervous about using wallpaper try using a grass cloth. It allows you to bring in texture and color without having to commit to a pattern.

A large scaled pattern worked perfectly in this small laundry room.kateosbornephotography-34414

Using a smaller scale patterns like the wallpaper in this basement family room adds interest without taking away from the overall design.
We recently used a grasscloth in this master bedroom and it really brought texture to the room.


Wallpaper can also be used in unexpected spaces. We love using wallpaper on the back of built in shelving. It adds so much color and interest to what could be a very boring space. If you want to add wallpaper to your home and just don’t know where, think of a small unexpected area that could use a little something.

We added wallpaper to the back of these built ins and it really completes the look.houseofjade-apr14-0333

This bold wallpaper added a bright, unexpected and whimsical feel to this room.kateosbornephotography-34402

Here are some options of wallpapers we love that might work well for you!

House of Jade Favorite Wallpapers

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Photography by Lindsey Orton & Kate Osborne

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