How to Mix & Match Nightstands

Design Tips | December 7, 2016

During our Facebook Live Event a couple of months ago we were asked, ” How to pull of unmatched nightstands”. This was such a great question we decided to dedicate a blog post to it. First off we will say how much we love this trend! Unmatched nightstands can make a space so feel more customized and well thought out, when it is done correctly. We have some easy tips that will hopefully make you feel a little bit easier on your design ambitions.


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Photography: Kate Osborn

1// Height

When choosing unmatched nightstands one key element is height. With the tables being different there needs to be a sense of symmetry in the space, by having the tables at the same height you will feel that symmetry when looking at your space.

Cedarhurst Nighstand  // Toulouse Bedside Table // Alabaster Ring Table Lamp


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Photography: Lindsey Orton

2// Color & Shape

If you choose two nightstands that are the same color/stain,  try to mix it up by having two different shapes or styles.  The example we have here is from the Riverside Residence, one round nightstand and one rectangular but they are both in the same white finish and they compliment each other perfectly.

Masha Nightstand // Sausalito Bedside Table // Concrete Table Lamp


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Photography: Kate Osborn

3// Table Lamps

We can’t say this enough, symmetry is the key to everything in design. With two tables completely different from each other it is important to create a sense a symmetry in the table lamps.  Here we have two nightstand in two different finishes and shapes but because they have the same lamp they look great together.

Weldon Nightstand// Charlie Round Side Table // Avenue Brass Table Lamp


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Photography: Kate Osborn

4// Different Lamps

In this case the nightstands are the same but the table lamps are different. This will give you the mix-match look you are looking for without as much of a commitment.

 Martello White Nightstand // Eva Mae Clear Table Lamp // Industrial Task Lamp

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