Adding Texture To Neutral Spaces

Design Tips | January 9, 2017

Neutral spaces can look stunning when they are done correctly. Some of our favorite projects have been full of neutrals! The most important thing to remember is texture. By adding textural elements to your neutral room you will make your space more visually appealing. We wanted to share our four easy steps on how to add texture to your neutral rooms.


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Photography: Lindsey Orton

1//Different Shades

It is important to create contrast in a neutral space, by mixing different shades of  neutral colors. Don’t just stick to ivories, light grays and beige. Its most important to make your space not feel bland. Try to have a darker gray paired with a light ivory or a wood piece on top of a dark metal. You need to create layers of color to make the room feel cohesive and not boring.


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Photography: Lindsey Orton

2// Layers of Materials

Just like layers of colors it is important to have layers of materials. Choose different textured pillows on a sofa and throw over the back. Have rug on top of a wood floor. Layering pillows made of different materials is an easy way to mix textures in a neutral space.


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Photography: Lindsey Orton

3// Natural Elements

An easy way to add texture is by bringing in a natural element to the space. Whether its a rattan or wicker or some sort of wood piece (table, coffee table, chair, small accessories). A natural wood coffee table paired next to a gray sofa or a wooden dining table paired with metal chairs.


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Photography: Becky Kimball

4// Accessories

You can also add in texture with accessories. We love to use driftwood, small wooden figurines, and vases to add some needed texture to a shelf or a table.

Tan Textured Pillow | Mangowood Sculptures | Nightshade Soy Candle | Driftwood Sputnik | Wooden Tray | Herringbone Throw | Boteh Cotton Pillow | Brown Tickling Pillow | Two-toned Vase | Buddha Head | Recycled Pine Frame Mirror| Belen Cream Rug | Bindura Basket

Thank all of you that took our New Year survey. We received a lot of great feedback and a lot of suggestions for new blog posts! We are so excited to get working on these ideas to share with you all this year! So stay tuned for new content!