Design Tip: Entryways

Design Tips | January 23, 2017

The entryway to a home is your guests’ first impression, so it should represent the feeling of the rest of your home.  We love how simple an entryway can be with still making a great statement. Some of our favorite home designs have started with great entryways.

Today we decided to share our knowledge on how to create that great first impression for your home

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Photography:Lindsay Salazar

1// Art or Mirror

A piece of art or a mirror can create a focal point to your entry space.  It really sets the tone of your style and what your design aesthetic is. Art is a great way to bring in color. Mirrors are a great way to bring in texture and make your space feel larger.


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Photography: Becky Kimball 

2// Rug

An entry rug fulfills multiple purposes to a home. First, the practical purpose of a place to wipe off our shoes, to limit the amount of water and dirt. Second, a rug can be a great statement piece that really draws the eye into your home.


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Photography: Kate Osborne

3// Baskets

A small basket under neath or just to the side of the entry table can be a sneaky way of hiding clutter such as shoes. This way you can have easy access when you need to run outside really quick but no one will have to see the mess of a pile of shoes.


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Photography: Jylare Smith Photography 

4//  Tray or Bowl

We like to use a tray or bowl for both decorative purposes as well as a place to put keys, sun glasses, wallet, just the little things you might need to grab as you are heading out the door.


5//  Lamp

Adding a table lamp is a great way to add a sense of height to your entry table and give you additional light when you need it.

We have created four different entryway mock up designs in different design styles to help out our many different readers. We hope you enjoy 🙂

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Photography: Lindsey Orton Photography 

Distressed Wood Console Table | Certo Table Lamp | Zinc Florist Vase | Adjustable Brass Display | Brass Metal Hoop Mirror | Sira Rug

Walnut Wood Console Table | Kumara Rug | White Ceramic Bowl | Cotswald Watercolors | Frosted Marble Lamp | Bust of Callidora Figurine | Havana Tote Basket

Reclaimed Wood Console Table | Standing Still Print | Tulip Basket | Jenner Rug | White Earthenware Vases | Demelza Lamp | Succulent & Stone

Terrace Console Table | Turkish Rug | Cut Ceramic Planter | Black Dual Head Table Lamp | Totem Vases | Abstract Art Piece