Design Tip: Hanging Chairs

Design Tips | January 18, 2017

Hanging chairs are a fun way to make a space feel more livable and casual. We like adding them to homes that don’t take themselves too seriously. With that said, they are not for everyone. If you want to make your space more playful and unique, a hanging chair might be just what you need to add.

These chairs need to be anchored properly from a ceiling joist in order to not damage your ceiling. To in sure they are installed correctly, we recommend having the chair installed by a handyman.


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Photography: Lindsey Orton 

There are a few things to consider before getting a hanging chair. First, figure out where you  have the most open space. It is important that you leave enough room the chair to swing a little, with out being totally isolated. They are perfect for awkward corners or nooks.


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Photography: Becky Kimball

They are also a great way to make a kids room feel extra special and fun!

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Photography: Lindsey Orton 


Image Source: Visi

We rounded up some of our favorite hanging chairs for you.

Two Company’s Hanging Rattan Chair | Crochet Hanging Chair | Knotted Hanging Chair | Tenley Rattan Swing Chair | Hanging Rattan Chair | Double Hanging Rattan Chair