Design Trends for 2017

Design Tips | January 2, 2017

Happy New Year! We can’t believe it is already 2017 time is just flying by! 2016 was a great year for us with a lot of big changes to the House of Jade team. From babies being born, moving houses, adding 3 new employees, and a lot of new projects 2016 has kept us busy. We can only imagine what 2017 will bring!

With the New Year brings new design trends. Today we are sharing our predictions for what we think will be trending this coming year.

1// Natural Woods

Natural woods have always been in style and always will be, its timeless. But we are noticing natural woods are making a come back in cabinetry. For a while it was all about painted cabinetry. Now we are staring to see the trend of natural wood cabinetry from a white oak kitchen cabinet, or a dark walnut island, wood is back! Its not only in cabinetry though natural wood pieces through out a home are always stunning. Dining tables, coffee tables, side tables, doors, accessories, we love it all!


Image Source : Chango & Co


Image Source : Atlanta Homes

Image Source : Style At Home

2// Dark Counters

Dark counters were never out of style but they weren’t trending exactly. Just like natural wood they are also making a comeback. Its time to mix things up a big, maybe instead of a white marble you choose a dark quartz or granite. Dark counters are a great way to add contrast to light & medium toned kitchens.


Image Source : Domino 


Image Source: Country Living

3// Taupe vs. Gray

With muted color schemes being all the rage in design, taupe is the perfect neutral to tie everything together. It can make a great foundation to a traditional, transitional, and any other design style. Taupe can be considered a warm gray, making it the perfect color to go along side those natural wood tones.


Image Source : deVOL


Image Source : Robinson +Grisaru Architecture PC

4// Wood Beams

Wood beams used to be something that had to be thought out far in advance, during construction. Now there are beautiful faux wood beams that can be added easily into a space giving the ceiling a more finished look. Wood beams can add a bit of contrast to a white ceiling and really tie the entire room together. The ceiling is supposed to be considered as the “5th wall” in a room, deserving as much attention as the other four remaining walls. Once the lighting is completed and the room needs a little something else, a few faux woods may add just what the space is missing.


Image Source: Black Band Home Design


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Photography: Lindsay Salazar


Image Source :Litchfied Designs

5// Antiqued Brass & Matte Black

Metal finishes seems to go through a repeating cycle in the design world. We encourage you to choose your finishes carefully. Most importantly choose finishes that you like and won’t be tired of 10 years down the road. By mixing metals like antiqued brass and matte black you will be sure to have a timeless look. We see brass fixtures starting to become more subtle in color and more antiqued. We think this finish trend will be in style for years to come and look beautiful.


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