Design Tip: How To Measure Your Space Properly

Design Tips | June 5, 2017

Measuring a space correctly can make or break the whole design plan but a lot of people don’t know how to do it correctly. Today we want to teach you all how to measure your spaces correctly so that you can order furniture and window coverings with ease.

We have mapped out 4 simple steps for you to follow

Step 1// Draw out your space in a bird’s eye view, including door openings, windows, fireplaces, or any built-ins

Step 2// Measure your walls from corner to corner in either inches or feet. And label important areas of the room.

Step 3// For measuring windows and doors, measure the window/door casing and inside the casing. Be sure to note where the door swings as well.

Step 4// For inside mounted window treatments like roman shades. Make sure to measure both the window seal and the inside of the window casing. For outside mounted shades, measure the window casing depth and not the inside of the window.

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