Classic American Homes

Design Tips | July 4, 2017

Inspiration is everything for us at House of Jade. Something so small can spark our creativity giving us a just the right idea for our projects.  We love to look for classic design elements rather than big trendy spaces to inspire us to keep our client’s homes timeless. Across the nation, there are a variety of home styles from Coastal, Farmhouse, Colonial, Mid-Century, Modern, etc. Though they all may be different they can still be differentiated from other countries with a “Classic American Home Look”. The detailed millwork, the antique wooden furniture, the beautiful blend of leathers and upholstery and so much more. So many of these design elements can be incorporated in a modern way. It is truly a piece of art to see a home that has is a perfect blend of classic and modern pieces.

These homes are all timeless and full of American heritage. Happy Fourth of July everyone! Remember how blessed we are to live in such a great country!

Image Source: The Fuller View
Image Source: Andrew Brown Interiors
Image Source: House Beautiful
Image Source: Ali Cayne
Image Source: House Beautiful
Image Source: How To Decorate
Image Source: The Happy Little Things
Image Source: Garden&Gun
Image Source: Mark B. Sike 
Image Source: Alexa Hampton
Image Source: Sawyer | Berson
Image Source: Elle Decor


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