Our Favorite Living Room Layouts

Design Tips | January 29, 2018

Laying out a Living Room is no easy task. You have to think about the way a room is going to function. You need to take into account the amount of seating you’ll need. Things come into play like viewing the t.v. and making sure you have somewhere to put your feet.  We’ve rounded up a few of our most used setups for you today!

  1. loveseat / sofa /chairs / table /orange pillow /colorful pillow  2. sofa / white chairs / leather chairsplanters / blue pillows  3. cream sofa  / striped sofa / chairs / blue and green floral pillow / blue plaid pillow / light blue lumbars / blue lumbar  4. sectional / two chairs / pink pillow / gray pillow / white pillow / fiddle fig tree 5. leather sofa / gray bench / white chairs / red and gray pillows / blue pillow / black and white pillow

Blue Gray Living Room – photos by Jylare Smith Photography 

We always prefer a sofa over a loveseat but if you have a tighter space you might not have the option to do two big sofas.  A loveseat can be a good option because it still provides enough seating and a place to lounge.  To create the illusion that a loveseat is bigger than it is pair it with a nice big side table.

Midway Living Room – photography by Travis J Photography

We love chairs! They are such a great way to add in a new shape.  Chairs also allow a lot of flow space.  It’s easy to maneuver around them if you are doing a lot of entertaining. It’s fun to mix up the chairs and do something with a wood or metal frame paired with a more upholstered piece.

Centerville Project – Photography by Becky Kimball

The mistmached sofa layouts is one of our favorites! In our Centerville living room we were able to bring in so many different types of textures and colors mixing in gray upholstery, leather and wicker.

The key with any furniture combination is just making sure the colors and tones of the furniture don’t clash with each other.  If you are doing a leather sofa it’s nice to bring in an upholstered sofa as opposed to another leather one.  Upholstered pieces can really soften a room.

Bluffdale Living Room – Photography by Jylare Smith Photography 

Sectionals are a great option for anyone that wants their space to be relaxing and comfortable.  We tend to pick sectionals that have a tighter form and shape so they don’t look too casual.  In this home this room needed to be super functional for our clients who had a lot of kids.  We brought in multiple seating options with x benches, chairs and an ottoman so there is a place for everyone!

When working with a sectional know that it will cut off the room more than a sofa would.  You’ll have to go around the entire piece of furniture to get behind it.  Make sure there is enough flow space around it to allow for easy access to the entire room.  In this space the sectional sits in a corner so it’s an easy fit.

Modern Farmhouse Living Room –photography by Lindsey Orton

In our Modern Farmhouse Project this living room floated between two main spaces so the flow needed to be pretty open.  A bench is a great option because you can have seating without a heavy back. As you come into this room your view isn’t blocked by the tall back of a chair.  Benches give a room an unexpected shape as well.

Hopefully this helps you as you are thinking about what pieces to bring into your living room.  The key is mixing in different shapes, textures and adding a good amount of beautiful pillows!