Powder Bathroom Makeover with Ferguson Bath, Kitchen and Lighting Gallery

Bathroom | March 4, 2018

One of our favorite brands to work with is Ferguson Bath, Kitchen and Lighting Gallery so we were delighted when they approached us about collaborating on a powder bath makeover. We source faucets, sinks, hardware and much more from Ferguson Bath, Kitchen and Lighting Gallery for clients all the time so we knew we could create something beautiful together. We were assigned the theme of “winter” and immediately we got to work looking for inspiration. The most beautiful part about winter to us is the juxtaposition between hard and soft with ice and snow as well as all of the beautiful cool and crisp blue tones that we see all season long.

We wanted the mood in the powder bath to feel sophisticated and classic but also on trend. These were a few of the spaces that inspired us…

image via Dustin Aksland

image via Sims Hilditch

image via Hello Lovely

We started with a blank slate.  The walls were pretty bare and the bathroom was lacking any “wow” factor whatsoever.

We tossed around the idea of tiling or wallpapering but ended up going with an amazing zellige cle tile. The color is called tempered steel. It’s hand glazed finish adds so much character to the room.

We are so happy with how the bathroom turned out!

The jumping off point for the space was the Oak Hill Console. It was simple but also a statement piece. We loved how the Oak Hill Faucet almost felt like a wall mount.

We went back and forth between the nickel and brass finish but ultimately decided on the nickel. Nickel is making a big comeback but we have always been a big fan of this timeless finish. One of our favorite aspects of this console sink is that we still have a little shelf to display a few odds and ends including soap.

The other star in the space is the Fitzgerald toilet. We couldn’t help but fall in love with the traditional feel. It looks like it came right out of Georgetown apartment. One of the best features besides the beautiful shape is the soft close. No more slamming lids!

Our supporting players in the bathroom include the toilet paper holder, mirror and light fixture. When we decided to do a pendant instead of a sconce above the sink it allowed us to go taller with our mirror. The Robern mirror come in a variety of sizes and finishes so this was a great option. The oversized mirror makes the little bathroom feel much bigger than it actually is. The pendant light is beautiful and it compliments the rest of the pieces perfectly. We love mixing finishes so we were excited to introduce the brass finish with the other nickel and black elements in the space.

photos by Lindsay Salazar Photography

This space really did turn out just as we hoped it would. Powder bathrooms often go overlooked but they are one of the biggest workhorses in your home. They get used multiple times a day and they are used not only by your family but your guests as well. We love the idea that this little tucked away room can be a little sanctuary for all who pass through it.

Toilet / Toilet Paper Holder / Pendant Light / Console Sink / Faucet / Pencil Trim / Art / Mirror / Tile / Matches / Soap

This post is sponsored by FFerguson Bath, Kitchen and Lighting Gallery .  All thoughts and opinions are our own.