Choosing New Doors with Therma-Tru

Design Tips | October 2, 2018

Without question one of the most important aspects of a home is the front door. It sets the tone and tells the story of what you’ll find when you walk inside. With most of our custom builds we are able to choose from a variety of doors and create the door of our client’s dreams. One of our head designers, Kirsten Krason, recently built a production build with a popular Utah home builder. As with many production builds the design options are limited to a few select choices set forth by the builder. This
results in a lot of homes that all look the same. We are excited to announce that we are teaming up with Therma-Tru Doors to design a new entryway that will set Kirsten’s home apart from the rest!

This is the front door we are currently working with. While it’s a decent door it lacks anything that sets it apart! We instantly started dreaming up ways to change up the look while still maintaining the traditional feel of the colonial style home. The first thing we did is start looking for inspiration pictures!

image via @foxgroupconstruction

We love the look of a classic dark door with a white house and brass hardware. You can’t go wrong with that timeless combo.

Image via Studio Mcgee

We also love a front door with more glass and sidelites to let in even more natural light.

Image via Rejuvenation

We also love the look of the 1/4 door windows that let in a little light but still give privacy.  For more inspiration, we decided to check out Therma-Tru’s Architectural Home Styles Guide. This guide really helped us narrow down our aesthetic so we could pick the right door for Kirsten’s home.

Therma-Tru has such a huge variety of door options so this really helps you narrow down which doors coordinate and work for your home style.

Then we hopped on Therma-Tru’s website and started playing around on the Design Your Door Tool which gave us immediate visuals of the door options we were liking.

It lets you upload a picture of your home and try and as many door options as you’d like!

You can also change the color options and add hardware to see how everything would look once installed.

And if you’re used to doing things on your phone you can design your entire door anywhere you are using the Therma-Tru DoorWays App. Simply upload a photo of your home, or take a picture from within the app and it helps you try out numerous combinations of door styles on your actual home. You can save these straight to your camera roll to use or share whenever you’d like. Once you’re ready to order your door the app will also help you locate a dealer in your area!

We also decided to replace two back patio doors which meant we really needed to see how everything coordinated together. Here are the three options we came up with.

Stay tuned on our instagram for more updates on what doors we choose and the process behind the makeover!