One Room Challenge – Week 5

Design Tips | May 1, 2019

It’s all coming together! We can’t believe how quickly the last five weeks have flown by! We are in the final stages where we finally get to see everything come together. Today we wanted to give a shout-out to the sub contractors who have made this quick remodel so successful. These contractors are not sponsored but we believe in sharing good work when we can! It means a lot to us to have people we can trust and who would work with such a tight timeline.

The Metrie shiplap has been installed and painted! The painter did an impeccable job painting all of the shiplap as well as the cabinets.  (Jagy Elegant Painting – 801.550.2127) Painting cabinets takes a very experienced painter.  He ended up doing a lacquer finish on our cabinets so that they will last longer and not chip.  Speaking of painting… at the last minute we decided to paint the kitchen island!

As the cabinets and shiplap started to get painted everything was starting to feel very very white. Now don’t misunderstand us. We love a white kitchen! Of all the things in design that we will always love and will always be classic a white kitchen has got to be at the top of the list. We’ve done quite a few white kitchens in our day…

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen  – Photo by Lindsay Orton

Midway New Build – photo by Travis J. Photography

Traverse Mountain Modern – photo by Travis J. Photography

Even though we love an all white kitchen we  felt that our modern country kitchen needed a little more color and the island was the perfect place to do that!  We really needed something that complimented the stove.  Our Big Chill Classic Stove is a showstopper and we didn’t want anything to take away from it’s unique presence in the space.

We got our hands on a sample of Boothbay Gray and made the decision in less than 30 minutes. It was perfect and we have no regrets now that we’ve seen it on the island. We can’t wait to show you how pretty it is!

The other exciting addition is the custom cabinetry that has finally come in.  We put in a built-in-pantry to expand the small existing pantry that came with the home. Having all the pull-out drawers is so convenient and adds so much additional storage!

Britt Clark did all the new cabinetry and has been so great to work with! (801.362.6733)

The last finish to get installed is the tile.  Alex Nelson (385.309.7779) did a great job installing our tile on our tight timeline.  He worked quickly and did such a good job getting the tile laid just right.

 Lastly, this project could not have come together without our wonderful general contractor – Stewart Hess (  801.448.5200).  He is a perfectionist and has made sure no detail has gone unnoticed.

We are seriously so in love with how everything is coming together and we can’t wait to show you the results next week!