Spring Gardening Round-up

Product Round-up | May 20, 2019

photo by Lindsay Salazar

We’re big gardeners over here and right now is the perfect time to get planting!  So we’ve rounded up our favorites for making the job easier and more beautiful.  Many of these products we use daily, so you know we’re sharing only things we love.

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Make your gardening life much easier by having rubber boots on hand that you can slip on and off while outside, avoiding tracking any mud and dirt into your home.  We’re love those gray booties by Hunter.  And in the spirit of keeping things clean, we love that these aprons, whether full length or half length, are both practical and functional with their pockets.  It can be tricky to really work with plants and tools if your gloves are too big, but the Second Skin gloves are the answer as they help you to actually feel what you’re doing while keeping your hands clean.  Don’t forget a hat to keep your face and neck protected from the harsh sunlight.

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The right tools can make all the difference when it comes to working hard outdoors.  We love the look and quality of these tools.  That wooden handle is shaped to be comfortable in hand.  Make life easier on yourself (and your back!) by using this gorgeous potting bench for all your plant potting jobs.  Plus it can double as a plant stand out in the yard.  If you’ll be planting in the ground, then this garden kneeler will help save your knees and keep you comfortable at the same time.  Keep your tools all in one place with this sturdy jute tool bag and don’t forget these scissors to clip herbs and flowers to bring indoors.  A hose sprayer head that looks as good as it functions is always a bonus for gently watering your plants.  And don’t forget to grab this carryall for gathering your hard earned produce.

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Part of the satisfaction of potting and tending to your plants is seeing how beautiful they are as they grow and thrive in your yard.  These gorgeous pots will only enhance that beauty while helping to keep plants in their place.  Terracotta is always a good idea to use for it’s durability and beautiful color and texture.  We love that this one comes with it’s own stand, providing variances in height which will add dimension to your landscape.  These gorgeous textured pots are simple enough to not be distracting, but will add depth at the same time.  Include these lower bowls for that added dimension.

We hope this round-up helped inspire you to get outside and beautify your yards!  If you share on Instagram, makes sure to tag us @houseofjadeinteriors so we can enjoy your spaces too.

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