Last Week’s Links

Last Week's Links | August 12, 2019

How gorgeous is this home? Jessica Helgerson is so talented! And so lucky because this is her home. Major inspiration right here.

1. Did you shop the Nordstrom Anniversary sale? We love this sweater. It’ll be a fall staple for sure. P.S. Who’s excited for fall??

2. Speaking of fall and sweaters, we love this simple striped sweater.

3. Loving this tank for looking cute while sweating it out at the gym.

4. These mules are the perfect camel color and would look great with everything.

5. Have you seen Sarah’s kitchen reveal? It’s stunning.

6. We’re in love with this painting by Caryn Owen. The colors in it are stunning.

7. Such a cute laundry basket!

8. This terracotta vase is so pretty. We love how the terracotta peeking through the cream glaze creates a perfectly imperfect finish.

9. These marble bookends are heavy enough to hold up any books and will look good while doing it.

10. Do you own live plants? Ever worry if you’re either over or under watering? Or maybe you don’t own live plants because it’s intimidating? This post about bottom watering plants by Mandy Gubler of Vintage Revivals is pure genius. We’ve been experimenting with this and our plants have been so much happier!

11. And for plants that are too big for bottom watering, this metal watering can is a super cute option.

12. And since we’re talking about plants, we love these simple terracotta pots.

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