Product Round-up : Affordable Chandeliers

Product Round-up | August 19, 2019

Photography by Becky Kimball | from our Mapleton New Build project

Today we’re sharing the first of many product round-ups.  We recently asked on Instagram what products you wanted us to find for you and one of the most asked for was lights that are good but also affordable.  Everyone has their own unique preferences and their spaces have unique needs, so we’ve broken this post up by styles to help you in your search for the perfect light.  Today, we’re starting off with chandeliers.  Good quality chandeliers can cost thousands, but we’ve found many that are good, stylish and only cost a few hundred at most!  We’ll be doing round-ups of pendants, sconces, and exterior lights as well, but if there are any other requests, let us know in the comments!

First up, we have the Sputnik style chandelier.  These can be very pricey, but the most expensive here is well under $300!  These lights really make an impact, but because of their design, they’re not visually heavy, so they allow the space to breathe and not feel overwhelmed.  This style would look best in a Modern or Mid-Century style space.

one | twothreefour | five | six

These multi-globe chandeliers will make such a statement while still keeping things simple.  Globe lights are classic, so these won’t go out of style and will give your space that custom look without the custom price tag.  These can work in various styles, but Modern, Mid-Century, and Modern Traditional will be best.  If brass isn’t what you want for your space, the Yearby Globe Chandelier also comes in black and chrome.

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Multi-light chandeliers are perfect for more Traditional spaces or a modern take on Traditional.  They’ll elevate the space you put them in without making it look like you’re trying too hard.  Definitely check out the Knouse Chandelier.  Those shades can be installed right-side up or upside down, so you really can customize it to your preferences.  The Iron Chrislie Chandelier would look especially good in a Mid-Century style home over a simple walnut dining table with upholstered dining chairs.

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Lantern style chandeliers are another that will look great in Modern Traditional or Traditional style homes.  These would look so good over a dining table or in the entryway.  You could even hang it as a statement light in your master bedroom.  Wherever you put it, it will make an impact, but make sure it’s not your only lighting source for that space.

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These textured styles will really help to warm up whatever space you put them in.  Are your kitchen cabinets white with white countertops?  That can feel a little cold, but adding in a beautifully textured chandelier will help balance out the space by adding warmth and will make your space feel more cozy.  Plus, these will add a fun personality to any space, and that’s never a bad thing.

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What round-ups do you want to see next?  We love sourcing affordable and stylish products for you, so sound off in the comments!

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