Nearly Natural Faux Trees

Design Tips | September 25, 2019

One of our favorite elements to add into a room is greenery. It’s amazing how a branch, flower, fern etc can really liven up a space. There is something so organic about seeing the colors of nature in your home when you walk into a room. We are so excited to be teaming up with Nearly Natural for this post. They offer a large variety of plants and trees to use in any room in your home!

In our search for plants we often frequent our local nurseries. The hard thing about a nursery is that they might not always have just what you are looking for in the exact size you are looking for. You are also limited with what types of plants do best where. For example, we really wanted an olive tree in this corner of this living room but the natural light isn’t ideal. Olive trees do best in south facing windows and this one faces north.

We were really excited to see that Nearly Natural offers a wide variety of olive tree options that can stay looking good all year long!

We also carefully chose a few trees for the backyard. This wisteria tree is breathtaking out on the back patio.

We also chose four 8 foot cedar pine trees. I can’t even tell you how impressive these are. They truly look real! We love how they can give added privacy all year long. One added benefit of using faux plants is that they never need to be watered! You can place them in any location and leave them alone completely.

An additional tip when working with faux plants is to mix them in with real plants. Your guests won’t be able to guess which are real and which aren’t!