Kaysville New Build – Pool House Reveal

Kaysville New Build | October 16, 2019

After we had designed the Kaysville New Build inside and out our clients decided they wanted to add a pool house and we were more than happy to oblige! We were so on board with the stone structure because we knew it would add warmth and a historical feel to the white exterior of the main house.

The pool house is outfitted with a shower and a private door that leads into the bathroom.

We mirrored the custom wood doors that were on the main house to tie the pool house into the property and make the two structures feel cohesive.

Inside the pool house we designed a bright and airy space with super functional pieces for the whole family to use. We chose a leather sofa that could be easily wiped down as well as custom made swivel chairs in an indoor/outdoor fabric. The shelf provides ample storage for towels.

The kitchenette is simple but super functional. We hid a drink fridge to the left and added lots of storage for dishes and food.

living room // armchairs similar / green pillows / sofa similar / coffee table similar / bookshelf similar / baskets similar / pedestal rattan bowl / pedestal wooden tray / faux olive branches similar / large white bowl similar / faux herbs similar / white books similar /
kitchen // cutting board
similar / faux fern similar / dish towels / stripe rug similar /
bathroom //
white towels / hand soap / hand towel / pendant lights
exterior stone / exterior lights