DIY Dried Orange Slice Garland

Design Tips | November 12, 2019

Nothing feels more like an heirloom Christmas decoration than dried orange slices. We fell in love with this nostalgic garland idea last year and decided to try our hand at creating our own this year. We are excited to share our process with you!


Step One: Set your oven to 250.

Step Two: Cut the oranges: You’ll want to hand slice your oranges about 1/4″ of an inch. It’s important to cu them as consistently as you can so they will cook evenly in the oven.

Step Three: Squeeze out the juice: We use a paper towel to squeeze the oranges of as much juice as we can. Don’t squeeze too hard. You don’t want to break through the flesh of the fruit.

Step Four: Bake: After you squeeze out the juice place your slices on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and stick them in the oven. Cook for two hours flipping halfway through. If you feel like they need a little longer put them back in and check on them every 10 minutes. Make sure you take time to stop and smell the citrusy goodness coming from your kitchen!

Step Five: Let dry: You’ll want to place each slice on a cooling rack and leave out for a few days until the oranges are completely dry.

Step Six: Make Your Garland: With a knitting needle or another large needle string your twine through each orange being careful not to rip the orange as you string. We put about 28-30 oranges per garland. You can put them as close together or as far apart as you want. Once finished tie a knot with a loop at each end to make hanging easy.

photography by Lindsay Salazar Photography

For our farmhouse mantel look pair your new garland with our deluxe cedar garland , organic cotton black stripe ribbon, and mini white berry garland!

Photography by Lindsay Salazar Photography