DIY Holiday Terrarium

Holiday | November 20, 2019

One of our favorite things to decorate with during the holidays are cloches and terrariums. We love creating our own little worlds under glass. These magical little terrariums work great with really any of your favorite holiday decorations. We love filling ours with Santa figurines, houses, trees etc.

To begin you’ll just need to gather your supplies. You’ll need some type of vessel, some type of decoration, faux snow and lights if you choose.

Sprinkle your snow in your cloche base or your hurricane. If you are using lights put those in first and then pour the snow on top to help the lights stay down.

Then add your figurines. These can be anything you want!

Lastly, add your ribbon! A little bit of ribbon goes a long way with these.

photography by Lindsay Salazar Photography

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite items so you can build your own Holiday terrarium!

vessels // one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight
accessories //
one / two / three / four / five / six
decorate //
one / two / three / four / five