What to Consider Before a Kitchen Remodel

Design Tips | January 16, 2020

photography by Lindsay Salazar / check out the before’s of our Midway remodel

When it comes to our homes, there’s probably nothing more frustrating than having a space that you use often that just doesn’t serve you in the way you need. And that’s probably most true in the kitchen. When it comes to how we live in our homes, we’re all so unique and that means our needs are unique as well. What works for someone might not necessarily work for you. Most people have to just figure out how to adjust to the layout of their kitchen, but if you’re fortunate enough to be able to make changes to your kitchen, then we’re here to help you with our tips for problem solving your space so that you can make all the right decisions when it comes to improving it.

photography by Lindsay Salazar / from our Lehi remodel
photography by Lindsay Salazar / from our Lehi remodel

Trouble Spots
Before you even begin to look at pretty things like tile and paint colors, you need to take note of all of the trouble spots in your kitchen. Is there no space to pass through if a drawer or the dishwasher is open? Is your oven in an awkward or potentially unsafe spot? Or maybe you don’t like how far away the refrigerator is from the stove? Whatever it is, no matter how big or small, write down everything about your kitchen’s functionality that drives you crazy. Now is the time to address those issues and find solutions that will make the space work better for you. For example, in our Lehi remodel, we started with a kitchen that felt cramped and our clients wanted a lot more space to entertain, so we ended up knocking down a wall to make room for a bigger island. We also included a whole wall to include more storage with a hidden pantry.

photography by Lindsay Salazar / from our Lehi remodel

Your Needs and Wants
What do you need that you’re not currently getting from this space? You’ve addressed all the trouble spots, now it’s time to look at what your kitchen doesn’t have that you want. Is there not enough counter, cabinet or pantry space? Maybe you want a spice rack that’s right near your stove, or an appliance garage so that your counter tops can be clutter free. Write it all down, everything you think would make your kitchen tailor made to you and your needs. Now is a great time to hop on Pinterest and find all sorts of kitchen storage inspiration. You never know what you’ll find that maybe hadn’t even crossed your mind. Some of our favorites are putting the microwave in the island to free up overhead space. And the ever popular pebble ice machine. Now is the time to add in all of those things you could ever want.

photography by Lindsay Salazar / check out the before’s of our Lehi remodel

Look and Feel
Now is the time to focus on all things pretty. Before picking out finishes, first think about how you want your kitchen to feel. Do you want it clean and minimal? Fresh and modern? Cozy, cottage vibes? Maybe a combination of different styles? Really you’re only limited by your imagination. Pinterest can be a big help here too. If you’ve been pinning images for the home or kitchen for any amount of time, you can go through those pins and find a common theme, or what you’ve been drawn to without even noticing. Maybe your pins all have a lot of natural light with deep, muted paint colors. Or maybe there are a lot of wood elements mixed with specific metallic finishes. Whatever it may be, you can start to see a pattern and use that to begin planning out the finishes for your kitchen. You can even find specific paint colors, tile and flooring, cabinetry styles, faucets and light fixtures that you think would be the perfect fit for your new kitchen.

photography by Travis J. Photography / check out the before’s of our Alpine remodel

One last tip: It can be hard to not get stuck on something because it’s trendy and we’re seeing it everywhere. It can also be just as common to want to avoid something simply because we feel it’s too trendy. We recommend looking for things that are classic or timeless. Does that color or this tile look like it could have been here for the past several decades? Does it feel like something you could never tire of? Then we say go with it. Don’t worry about what anyone else would do or even about how well it could resell later on. Your home should be a space that makes you happy. So go with whatever that may be.

photography by Travis J. Photography / check out the before’s of our Alpine remodel

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