Combining Form and Function in a Kitchen

Design Tips | February 5, 2020

Today, we’re giving you a tour of Erin’s kitchen to give you some ideas of extra things to think about when planning your own kitchen, whether it be a new build or a remodel, like we did here. It’s important to consider things beyond just the cabinet style or color, counter top materials and faucets. You also want to give a lot of consideration to the functionality of the space. Do you entertain a lot? Do you cook a lot? Do you have a lot of storage needs and how would you prefer those to be? In drawers or cabinets? Let’s take a look at the things we did to help make the Morgan kitchen more functional for their family.

When it comes to low storage, we think that drawers are a great option because they can pull out so you don’t have get down on your knees to see what’s all in there. Additionally, as you can see here, we added dividers to keep the lids and pans upright and easy to grab. Now, everything is not only easily within reach, but also easily visible. While that may save only a small amount of time, in the long run that time adds up!

If you entertain a lot, or just like to have a lot of drink options on hand, a beverage fridge is a great option. It allows you to have the drinks nice and cold at all times without taking up space in your refrigerator. Another option would be a wine cool.

Pebble ice machine. We can’t express enough how much we love these. Also great for having around while entertaining, you’re always a scoop away from having adding that perfect ice to any drink.

photography by Travis J Photography

This cutting board is something we were really excited about. Below it is the trash pull out (again, drawers for the win here). We had a hole added to the cutting board so that any scraps or garbage could easily be swept down into the garbage can. If you enjoy cooking or do it a lot, this could be a great option to add to your kitchen.

photography by Lindsay Salazar

Remember to consider some additional things that will affect the day-to-day functionality of the space. We recommend keeping frequently used items nearby, possibly by the stove. Items like olive oil, salt and pepper, cutting boards, these are things that can easily be stored in something pretty and set out as decorative and functional. Another thing we love to include is a light over the sink for additional lighting.

As you can see, there are so many things to consider when planning out your kitchen and functionality is a big and important factor. Of course we believe wholeheartedly that you don’t have to sacrifice function for form or vice versa. Something can absolutely be beautiful and functional. If you need help planning out your kitchen plans, or any other plans for that matter, let us know by filling out our services form here!