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Design Tips | February 17, 2020

This rustic 1754 New England home is a real charmer. That flooring is original! Make sure you click through to see all of it because you don’t want to miss it. Trust us. Designed and rebuilt by Anthony Esteves.

1. These cabinet knobs are so cute and can easily be installed with the opening down or to the side.
2. After having kids and carrying diaper bags, a new pretty, small purse sounds so nice!
3. These built-ins made from Billy bookcases from Ikea are so good!
4. We’re getting really anxious to start gardening, so we’re in prep mode over here. We love the scalloped detail on these pots.
5. We love a good potting bench.
6. Kirsten’s getting ready to finish her basement and she’s drawing major inspiration from the English Cottage vibe.
7. How pretty is the kitchen in this studio space? We especially love the character the vintage art adds to the space.
8. Again with the scallop detail. These flats are so cute.
9. How cute is this swimsuit? We’re ready for a beach vacation. Get us out of this cold winter weather!

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