Last Week’s Links

Design Tips | March 30, 2020

It’s hard, at this point, to wrap our heads around “Last Week”. The weeks have started blurring together and we find ourselves still trying to find our footing in this new world we’re living in. For the most part we are continuing on with our lives as normal but there is a heightened sense of uncertainty and anxiety that follows us around like a shadow we can’t shake. Although we live day by day in a state of not knowing what’s next we are managing to find a lot of joy in the things we’ve always loved and enjoyed. Our work has always been a source of fulfillment for us and now, more than ever, it offers a pleasant and happy distraction from any uncertainty that we may be feeling day to day. We are so grateful for our clients who continue to trust us with their homes, money and time. We do not take their projects for granted and we feel lucky to be able to keep doing what we love to do.

Pinterest, Instagram, magazines and books continue to be a place for us to gain inspiration and offer a small escape from the monotony of staying inside day after day. Here are a few of the things that we are loving from last week.


ONE | There are so many things to love from this recent house tour we can’t pick a favorite! Haus Love Interiors is a new favorite to follow.

TWO | We both started making sour dough bread last week! Yeast has been almost impossible to find in our local Utah grocery stores. Sour Dough uses it’s own naturally made yeast so it’s a good bread alternative if you can’t find yeast locally. We are excited to try our hand at some of these scoring techniques.

THREE | We are so excited about this new tile we found for a remodel project. We are using the plaid layout and we can’t wait to see how it looks!

FOUR | Supporting small businesses is now more important than ever! As a small business ourselves we appreciate every client and product we sell. Last week we both made a purchase from a small business that we love! Erin made a purchase from Gigi Pip and Kirsten bought a stamp from Substation Paperie.

Erin just bought this wide brimmed hat!

FIVE | Hoping to find time to bake this cake this week!

SIX | This kitchen reveal is so good! We love a good fireplace in the kitchen moment.

SEVEN | This quote from Bobby McAlpine is so beautiful and relevant right now. Hopefully your homes continue to be a place of healing and comfort.

Stay safe everyone!

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