Sofa Pairing Tips

Design Tips | April 9, 2020

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When we design a living room we are often pairing two different sofas together instead of two matching pieces. While we love the look of two matching sofas, it’s definitely a more formal look. We think two of the same sofas is a great look for a traditional living room or a room that is smaller and needs the continuity of matching sofas. Mismatched pieces can give your room so much personality and life and the options are limitless!

In our Modern Farmhouse Project we wanted to keep things neutral so we picked two sofas in gray and cream. Both furniture pieces have transitional lines to keep the space feeling a little more formal but the neutral fabric we picked is still light and airy feeling.

In our Mapleton New Build we chose these sofas mainly for comfort. Our client had a big family and these sofas were going to get a lot of use. While they are deep and cozy the line are clean so they still feel beautiful and modern.

In the Morgan Farmhouse we wanted a very light neutral room but we also needed some contrast so we chose a dark gray sofa to pair with our existing ivory option. It’s important to think about balance and the overall feel you want the space to have. We wanted everything to be as neutral as possible but we also wanted to feel some depth in this room.

photos by Becky Kimball Photography of our Centerville Remodel

For a home with children we always recommend a leather option if our clients will go for it. Leather brings in a different texture and finish and is a great compliment to a fabric sofa.

Putting sofas together is all about variety. They need to feel different enough but also compliment each other nicely. One way to get variety is to introduce a pattern like we did in the Kaysville New Build. A pattern or a fun color is an instant way to add personality to your room.