Introduction to The Devine Build

Devine Home | October 6, 2020

We’re so excited to announce a project that’s unlike anything we’ve ever done before.. The Devine Build! We’ll call the design of this beautiful home “Rustic Scandinavian Modern”. Since the home is a production build, it’s semi-custom. There are meetings at design centers and you get to choose between the tile, paint, and other finish options they have selected. We got to get creative to make sure the home would feel very unique and personal to them, not like a model home. 

The arches were such a home run. They were all Hailey’s idea, she showed us all the arch inspiration and we were so in love with it. They really set the vibe for the whole house, you’ll catch them throughout the entire space.

So we wanted to make sure the home felt really simple, and not overdecorated. Sometimes it’s hard for designers to do, it’s actually really hard to make sure you have absolutely everything in the home without overdoing it. You want it to feel full and complete, but clean. 

This was the theme throughout the entire home. Simple life in the home! We used mostly white walls, and concrete. Concrete was so fun, it has the prettiest texture and details. We loved to mix the cool concrete with the white walls, to make it feel cozy. With high vaulted ceilings, it was a little hard to make it feel cozy, so we used a lot of thick blankets and throws, oversized comfortable furniture, wood elements, leather pieces, and accessorizing with intention. Every accessory has a purpose, many of the pieces are things they’ve collected over time throughout their travels. 

We wanted the home to feel like the Devines, full of life and personality, not like a model home. We had fun working with them on this new adventure because their last home was very mid-century with lots of blues, and we wanted to push each other to create something completely new. We accomplished this by using new color palettes and patterns, like warm tones and light textures. 

Inspiration from the Devines travels to Norway & England

The Devines not only wanted it to be cozy for enjoyment but as a tribute to their culture. The three core countries from their families are Norway, England, and Chile, so they hit the road and visited all these places to gather inspiration, learn about their cultures, and gather pieces for their home. They brought us in to help them incorporate all their inspiration and make a place for all the special decor they have collected. Stay tuned throughout the next couple of weeks as we reveal their new home and check out the Devines YouTube webisode series!