Make Your Garden As Intentional As Your Home

Design Tips | April 13, 2022

We’re sharing our top 5 tips (and stunning products!) to inspire you as you beautify your yard this season.

Spring is here and your garden is waiting! We spend a lot of time sharing indoor spaces, but beautiful outdoor spaces and gorgeous spring gardens have our hearts too! Now is the perfect time to start planting and preparing for the prettiest garden yet. As important as the right plants are, there’s more to a gorgeous garden than the plants themselves. Any beautiful landscaping takes time and prep.

Tip 01 — Get the Right Gear

Make your gardening life much easier with this linen Potter’s Apron complete with four front pockets to keep your twine, scissors, shovels and other tools close at hand. These pockets are deep enough to easily tuck your gardening gloves away for the times you need to get your hands in the soil, but still have them accessible when you need extra protection. Don’t forget to grab our sturdy (and stunning!) garden tote for carrying your seeds, extra tools, or your freshly cut herbs and flowers.

Tip 02 — Gather Your Tools

The right tools can make all the difference when it comes to working hard outdoors. Before you head out to the garden, make life easier with comfortable tools that are as beautiful as they are well-made. Gather your watering can (we love this one with a galvanized metal finish), your snips, and stainless steel pruners, before you start planting. While you’re looking over your tools, don’t forget these herb scissors to bring the best of the outdoors inside. For some added charm (and comfort!) use this 3-tier wooden potting bench. The best part? It’s on wheels making it even easier to keep your pots, soil, fertilizer, and seeds within arm’s reach while you work.

Tip 03 — Prep Your Soil

The secret behind any productive garden is in the soil! Better soil quality helps your plants thrive as it filters the rainwater, holds essential nutrients (organic fertilizer helps, too!), and anchors the roots. Good, gorgeous gardens start by prepping the soil. Start by cleaning out rocks, debris, or old plant life with a hand trowel or weeder. Loosen the soil with a cultivator to soften it up and create a rich airy landing spot for roots to find their footing. Add your compost, mulch, or other fertilizer to the surface and your garden will be off to a great start.

Tip 04 — Pick Your Planters

Part of the joy of gardening is seeing how beautiful your plants are as they grow. We both love to add visual interest and color to our garden with pretty pots and planters! They are the best accessory to add depth, texture and create a more beautiful backyard garden. If you’re going for durable and timeless, consider this set of terracotta pots with beautiful distressed detailing. We love adding dimension by playing with height and this tall, two-toned vase or this jug-shaped planter with its own stand is the perfect way to bring that to your space. For contrast, add in smaller pots and wooden bowls. If texture is what you’re going for, this ribbed or dotted pot are great options. Bring visual interest and rich detail to your garden while still maintaining that beautiful simplicity we love!

Tip 05 — Organize Seeds & Spacing

It can be tricky to keep track of your seeds and plants without dividers and labels! Kirsten loves these seed boxes for keeping your seeds separated and organized. While you plan out your plants, don’t be afraid to add seasonal flowers among your produce. Do a bit of reading to figure out the best placement for your plants to achieve the look and results you want. Once you’ve planned it out, grab these seed markers and stylish chalkboard labels. They are elegant and so useful for remembering what you’re expecting to sprout. Don’t forget to use a wax pencil to ensure your labels don’t wash off when those late April showers hit!