Jane's Twinkle Twinkle Little Star First Birthday Party

DIY | September 11, 2013

A couple of weeks ago I threw Jane a little birthday party to celebrate her first birthday. I have had the theme in mind since June so I’ve had plenty of time to work on it. Over the summer I slowly worked on all the details hoping that the party set-up would go smoothly. Although the party was a blast the set-up was CRAZY. I mean seriously so many things kept going wrong! I had two hours to get everything ready which seemed like plenty of time but I probably should have given myself 6 hours! My friends helped me set up a shade tent but it didn’t have any coverage on the sides so we decided to attach sheets to the top. This would have worked out fine except they kept falling down. And then the slight breeze kept making the balloons go crazy and my twinkle twinkle sign fell on the table at one point almost crashing into the cake! I had also worked on getting christmas lights strung through the sign and a portion of them just didn’t light up. I think it was at that point that I turned to my friend Erin and said, “let’s just bag the whole thing and run away”.  Luckily my friends came to the rescue and we got everything set up just in the nick of the time for the party to start. We may have had sweat pouring down our faces but we were at least able to spend a good thirty minutes enjoying the party.

I wish you could have seen the craziness! Every time I throw a cute party like this I promise myself that next time I’m just going to get a cupcake with a candle and call it a day.  But I really love throwing parties so no matter how hard I try I can’t help going a little overboard sometimes… Am I the only one who feels this way?? 

I am really grateful to Samantha Kelly for capturing the sweet moments with the babies and Jane. 

The party was during lunch time in the middle of the day and husbands were at work so I decided to make this party a special lunch for Jane’s baby friends and their mommies. The girls were seriously adorable. You could tell they got a kick out of all being together. 
I made each girl a little gold crown. The crowns themselves were 75 cents each from this shop. I attached them to some black elastic headbands that I bought at Walmart. Jane’s birthday crown is from this etsy shop. I was really impressed that the babies kept their crowns on for pretty much the entire party! 

Almost all of my friends have the Antilop highchair from Ikea which made it fun to have all the girls in matching high chairs! 
Last month I bought some gold star wands from Oriental Trading to make little wands for each of the girls. I tied some pink ribbon to each wand that I bought at my local craft store. To personalize the wands I made little clay tags with each girl’s name on them. These were made with this mini star cookie cutter and some Sculpey clay. The technique was similar to the one I used here
For the girls I made little star peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with this cookie cutter. I also added these star toppers
For my table I added this paper star printable from Caravan Shoppe. I layered it with a burlap runner. 
I made these star chips the day before the party and they turned out so cute! 
I enlisted the help of my sister to make Jane’s cake. She did such a great job. The star cake topper is from this shop 
The cake was delicious and Jane was sure a fan! 

Jane’s shirt is from Swallow’s Return. I have been eyeing it since I wrote this post

It was really special to me to get to celebrate not just Jane but all of her little friends. It’s crazy but a few of my best friends and I all had baby girls around the same time! I feel like as moms we’ve been through so much together since our babies were born. This was a time to not only celebrate Jane but all of us!

We got to spend some time eating lunch and enjoying each other until the babies got restless and a little crazy.

For the twinkle twinkle poster I used a huge piece of foam core and just wrote out twinkle twinkle little star with a white out pen. Then I drilled holes in the poster and inserted christmas lights to create a twinkling effect. 
For their party favor I gave each baby a little star bow clip from Forever 21. 
This party was a blast to plan and even though it was a little hectic to put together I’m glad we were able to pull it off! My little Jane is an amazing amazing blessing in our lives and I seriously can’t believe it’s already been a year since that beautiful day that she was born
Thanks again to Samantha Kelly for all of these photographs!