Mini Pumpkin Patch Tutorial

DIY | September 24, 2013

I love love love creating miniature little worlds. I feel like every Holiday deserves it’s own tiny vignette. For Fall I wanted to create a mini pumpkin patch that captured the whimsy and beauty of Fall. I like my DIY projects to be short and sweet so this project will take you literally 5 minutes. 
First gather your supplies…

Deer Figure (optional)

For the pedestal base I bought the large and medium sized Smith & Hawken Scalloped Edge pot from Target. I flipped them both upside down to create a unique stand for my pumpkin patch. You could really use any pot that had some sort of edge with a lip on the bottom to hold all the stuff in. 
You will want to put some type of styrofoam disc at the bottom of the pedestal before you layer the moss in.  I used chartreuse reindeer moss and just placed the moss on top of the styrofoam. I plan on bagging up all the pieces of this project when Fall is over and reusing my planters for other things so I didn’t glue any of this down. You definitely could if you plan on making this a permanent decoration. I just filled in all the spaces with the moss. It stays in place really well. 
After the moss is laid down you can stick your pumpkins anywhere you’d like. They should stick right into your styrofoam. I wanted to add some height so I stuck in a little deer. You could also add a tree or even mini tombstones if you wanted to take this from a Fall decoration to a Halloween decoration. 
These mini pumpkin patches are so easy and so cute. You could also use these year round and just add different miniature objects like birds, flowers, people, eggs, Christmas trees etc. The possibilities are endless!