Tips for Doing a White Kitchen

DIY | March 19, 2014

 We aren’t close to redoing our kitchen anytime soon but I can’t help but think about my dream kitchen every now and then. I, like the majority of people, would love a white kitchen.  I at least want white cabinets.  I’ve been browsing lots and lots of pretty kitchens lately trying to decide what the perfect white kitchen is to me.  Sometimes I think a white kitchen can quickly become sterile or “too white”.  Here are some kitchens that balance the white perfectly in my opinion. 
  image via Lonny
If you do white cabinets, a white backsplash and white shelves I think it’s a great idea to have your countertops a darker color. I just love the contrast. The dark counters make the white cabinets stand out so much more! 
 image via Style at Home 
This kitchen is very very white but still so beautiful.  It almost looks like the counters are a light taupe maybe? And those barstools! That color adds so much to the space.  

 image via Style at Home 
This kitchen may even be a little too white for me but it’s oh-so beautiful.  The marble backsplash adds so much. All of that veining adds a lot of interest to the room.  I love that the tile goes up to the ceiling and the large chunks of gold in the room are perfect!  
A range hood is a great way to add another color or finish in a kitchen. This hood breaks up the cabinets and the large slab of marble on the back creates a lot of dimension.
I think a different colored island is always a good idea in a white kitchen. In my dream kitchen I’d have a navy island for sure.  I also just love the windows framed in black. 
 image via House Beautiful 
I think the island in this kitchen is such a pretty color and the gray tile backsplash adds some warmth to the space. 
You can never go wrong with a pretty roman shade! Window treatments in a kitchen can go a long way since there are not a lot of opportunities to bring color and pattern into a kitchen.
Another great idea to add some interest is to do glass front cabinets.  You can add color, texture and a lot of shapes by displaying beautiful dishes. This way you’re not looking at a wall of white! The same goes for open shelving…
 Image via Our House
I especially love that these shelves are a natural wood. It looks so good against the white tile! 
I actually really love it when people do a darker grout with their white tile I just love the contrast of the light and dark and it adds so much personality to a white kitchen!
What do you think? What is your ideal “white kitchen”?