DIY Octopus Art

DIY | May 7, 2014

UPDATE: Please refer to the updated tutorial here.
If you follow me on instgram (@kirstenkrason) you saw that Erin (@erin.m.morgan) and I recently installed a nautical playroom. It looks so cute and I can’t wait to share all the pictures with all of you! Just like any project we had a budget to work with so we wanted to incorporate some DIY ideas.  Today I’m going to share with you how we took a shower curtain and turned it into art!
A few years ago I bought this shower curtain for Jett’s Bathroom.
I’ve always loved it. The graphic is so amazing that it always seemed to me like there must be a way to turn it into art!
When Erin and I started this nautical playroom design we decided to give it a try!
Erin is much handier than me so she figured out how to put the art together once we got out to the install. Here are her instructions!
The shower curtain was 72×72″ so I wanted to leave 2″ on every side
to have room to wrap it over the wood. I went to Home Depot and got 2
2″x1″x70″ for the top and the bottom of the frame then I got 4 2″x1″x68″
for the sides of the frame and the middle supports. Home Depot cut the wood to the desired length for free!
For the frame assembly
I laid all the wood out with the 1″ side facing up, and screwed each
end of the side pieces and the middle pieces  into the top and bottom of
the frame.
I then ironed the shower curtain and laid it over
the top of the frame.
 I nailed in the top first and then stretched it
to where I wanted it on the bottom and nailed in the bottom. Then nailed
in the sides last.
I nailed about every 6-8″. The nailing gave it a
more industrial look instead of a staple gun which could get sloppy. It
was super easy with 2 people, it took us about an hour to make it and
hang it!


Thanks Erin for that easy explanation!After they made the piece Erin and Lindsey just hung it up on the wall with a few nails.

It is seriously such a statement in the room!