How to Decorate With a Nautical Feel When You Don’t Live on a Beach

DIY | August 6, 2014

Today Erin and I went on Studio 5 to talk about our tips on decorating with nautical elements when you don’t live near the beach.  We live in Utah but we often have clients who want to incorporate a beachy feel to their homes. These are a few of our favorite decorating items that help you achieve that! 

Coral – Pottery Barn has tons of great coral for sale right now! Stock up! We love coral because you can have it out year round and it’s not too “beachy” especially if you buy white coral.

Sea Fans – We’re seeing a huge trend with sea fans right now. They are so beautiful and make great art.  You can buy them at Pottery Barn and have them framed. I’ve also seen them on etsy and ebay.

Tortoise Shells – Tortoise shells are really chic and you’ll see them in all types of decorating schemes. We use them a lot because the shape is really cool. You can hang one on a wall, put it on a stand or use it to top of stack of books. We love this one from Z Gallerie. 

Giant Clam Shells – Clam shells are beautify on a coffee table. They give you the shape of a bowl but allow you to bring in a bit of nautical.

Sea Life – Octopuses are our favorite sea life specimens to decorate with! They are so beautifully shaped.  Jelly fish, crab and whales are also a favorite to decorate with.

Driftwood – I love the organic shape of driftwood. It also is a great neutral color so it goes in any decor scheme. We find a lot of it at T.J. Maxx and Homegoods.

Greenery – Natural green branches work great in a nautical scheme. Aloe and agave leaves are great as well as palm branches. We also decorate with succulents frequently. The green gives some color to a beach space while still keeping it neutral. We find lots of good faux succulents and green branches at Target and T.J. Maxx. Z Gallerie has a lot right now too! You can buy real ones at Home Depot, Lowes or Ikea.

Natural Fibers – It’s great to bring in a jute or sisal rug to your nautical space as well as natural woven shades. Baskets also create an opportunity to bring in lots of texture and natural fibers.

Do you love nautical as much as we do?!