Highland Hardware

DIY | February 12, 2015

I just added something new to my house and I’m pretty excited about it! My house is actually a town home so when you walk into my front door you see my entire main level all the way back to my back wall.  I’ve always had my gallery wall on this wall in my Kitchen but recently I’ve been wanting something that was a bit more impactful sine it’s a wall you see right when you walk in.  Highland Hardware recently contacted me about trying out her beautiful acrylic hardware.
She makes these amazing brass and acrylic kits that you can use to give your art a unique look.
I used her hardware and a local shop that cuts acrylic to frame Minted’s Pining for Pineapple print.  I LOVE it! There is something really fun about having a picture of a pineapple in my Kitchen and I love how the acrylic frame takes the print to a new level and makes it feel more expensive.
Here are some other examples of ways to use Highland Hardware’s acrylic frame kits.
What I love about framing art this way is that if you have a wall color or wallpaper it gets to be seen behind the glass.
I love how Kristin from the Hunted Interior used hers!
Or how cute is this blessing dress!
Check out Highland Hardware here. And use code SAVE15 to get 15% util the end of February!