Different Ways To Style A Christmas Tree

Holiday | November 18, 2016

We woke up with a blanket of fresh snow on the ground yesterday, making it feel just like Christmas. So what better way to get excited for the holiday season to start than to share our love for decorating the tree. We have chosen three different tree styles to help cater to the many different readers we have. Just click directly on the numbers to find out where to buy these adorable decorations.

Our farmhouse tree is meant for all of you that love a little shiplap and some copper. We have a mixture of metallics, wood tones and a hint of cream. It is important to layer your tree with different sizes, shapes and colors of ornaments. Adding ribbon or garland to your tree will tie all of the pieces together making the tree feel finished.

This contemporary tree shows that simple colors like black and white can still look lovely and festive with out having to add color. Make sure to mix different textures, designs, and shapes so that your tree doesn’t look dull. Adding golds and silvers can be the perfect way to make your tree feel festive.

You can never go wrong with the classic Christmas color of red and green. For this tree we decided to go with a snow frosted tree to add an element of white. This way the tree will not compete with the green decorations but will act as a neutral.

We wish you the best of luck on your holiday decorating endeavors. Stay tuned next week for some more Christmas content.

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