Last Week’s Links

Last Week's Links | September 16, 2019

We loving this dining space from Amber’s project Client Z to the E to the N Again. The whole home is so beautiful and inviting.

1. Elsie Baby Co makes such cute bows and they also have matching bib and bow sets so your little one’s accessories can coordinate perfectly.

2. Orange Street Paper Co. makes super cute wrapping paper, as well as art prints, greeting cards, and more.

3. Black definitely isn’t our first thought for a throw pillow, but this one is just so good.

4. This handmade vase is so beautiful; we just love that texture.

5. We’re pulling out the fall scents and this candle is a must with it’s sweet spiced scent; it’s just enough to not be overpowering.

6. We love these cute heeled mules.

7. Who wouldn’t want to buy a home designed by Joanna Gaines? This one is so pretty!

8. We love this carved bowl. Just imagine how cute it would look filled with mini white pumpkins for fall or pine cones and citrus for the winter?

9. It’s finally starting to cool down around here and this chai spiced hot chocolate sounds so deliciously warming right now.

10. These velvet bows are so super cute! Such a fun way to dress up a simple pony.

11. “At Home” is a fascinating book about the history of private life. Bill Bryson’s way of storytelling keeps you coming back for more as he discusses how building the Erie Canal impacted the development of the cellar, and how and when bricks became a popular building material. If nothing else, this book will you give you a greater appreciation for living in the time we do.

12. This simple blanket looks so cute and cozy.

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